Elizabeth Barton Thursday May 29, 2014
Hi Lesley, I just love your work! Super, terrific! The studies of flowers and shells are very fine and sensitive. You'll have to stage a big exhibtion of myths and legends! Elizabeth
From: Lydd, Kent
Jill MacLeod Thursday May 29, 2014
Hi: I haven't had much of a chance to view much of yr art work as yet but from a glance I do like your themes. Do you by chance have free tubes as I am an Old Aged Pensioner with not much cash. Hugs, Jill
From: Townsville,Queensland,Australia
Elizabeth Izant Thursday May 29, 2014
Lovely work. I am a new collector of art and would like to add some of your work to my collection. I particularly like leaves and trees. Let's talk online soon. Thank you.
From: Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.
Jan Steel Thursday May 29, 2014
I love your artwork, absolutely Magickal. you capture the energy of Sacred Stones completely. BBx
From: Monikie, Dundee